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Simple Paper Octopus Craft – Summer Crafts for Kids

Publish Time: 2021-10-13 Views: 74

We are so excited to kick off our sea animal crafts series as we have a whole lot of ideas to share with you.

Materials needs :
orange print paper or construction paper
scissors (for paper strips you can also use a paper trimmer)
Optional: wiggle eye stickers or goggly eyes
You can also make this octopus craft idea a bit more fancy by adding some biodegradable glitter
 (we prefer glitter glue and always choose it over regular glitter that gets all over the place).
Start by cutting 8 strips of paper.
We have cut ours to be about as wide as a finger (no need to be super precise here).
As for the length? We cut ours across the width of a regular A4/letter sized paper.
Step 1
Cut a circle out of orange paper.
The diameter of the circle should be around half the lenght of the paper strips. Again, nothing to precise is needed.


Step 2
Take all 8 strips of paper and align them.
Fold them on the ends as shown on the image bellow.


Step 3
Glue the first strip of paper on the paper circle as shown on the image bellow.
Make an arch.


Step 4
Continue with the next strip of paper.
The easiest way to go about this is to glue the second one at the right angle to the first one.
Continue with all others until you get a nice dome. The last strip of paper might be a bit tricky for youngest kids.


Step 5
Cut 8 tentacles out of orange paper.


Step 6
Glue them under the paper dome.
You can glue them all around or have them facing one direction only as we did.
Glue on eyes or draw them by yourself.


Step 7
We hope your kids enjoyed this simple paper octopus craft idea and that they will be creating many of their own.